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  • Mac
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  • Mac OS X

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Others: Mono 2.6.1 Framework para Mac OS X
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Versions of Pinta

All versions of Pinta
Version License Language O.S.
Pinta 1.4 01/10/12 Free (GPL) English
  • Mac OS X
Pinta 0.5 16/04/12 Free (GPL) English
  • Mac OS X

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A simpler alternative to GIMP

Elena Santos

Recent changes

  • URGENT: Due to a lack of Mac OS X testers, Pinta 1.1 is not yet available as a stable release. Please head on over to the Contact page if you have a Mac and are willing to contribute.

  • New Features ¶
  • In this new release several features have been added:

  • Holding + Line tools will draw a straight line
  • You can now resize a selection
  • Added a new images pad for simpler image selection
  • Confirmation to enlarge the canvas when a larger image is pasted
  • 'Save' and 'Open' dialogs remember their last used paths
  • After cropping a smaller area, the image is zoomed to fit the window
  • Previous zoom dimensions are kept when rotating
  • Added more zooming option between 100-200%
  • Pencil Sketch and Ink Sketch now work with the color range slider
  • You can now open read-only files
  • You can save an empty file if needed

  • Fixed Bugs ¶

  • #857994 - "Zoom to Window" doesn't always work for small images
  • #852770 - Zooming with Ctrl+ScrollWheel doesn't work with Caps Lock or Num Lock enabled
  • #852385 - Pinta crashes when Paintbrush's Splatter type is used with size 1
  • #851919 - Selection resizing handles do not respect selection constraints. (Shift key)
  • #851378 - Zoom to Window logic not preserved when rotating image
  • #850362 - Saving empty image does not open save dialog
  • #850354 - The name of menu items does not match windows titles
  • #846755 - "Save As" doesn't prompt for a filename
  • #846396 - Pinta does not run in Kubuntu
  • #797140 - Add more zoom options between 100% and 200%
  • #792732 - Document switching should be more visible in the UI
  • #786872 - failed to open read only file
  • #776307 - an exception raised when creating a new image with width 0px and height 0px.
  • #772172 - Exception after using Text object and closing image
  • #772170 - Text is copied from doc1 to doc2 after using text object and opening new image
  • #747607 - Color Range slider doesn't do anything for Pencil Sketch or Ink Sketch effects
  • #745270 - Zoom is not automatically increased after cropping a large image
  • Very easy to use
  • Support for layers
  • Nice set of drawing tools and photo effects
  • Unlimited undo-redo
  • Still in development
  • Some tools are disabled
  • May be unstable
  • Requires Mono

"Not Working"

I cannot get this on my computer. Every time I download it, it always quits unexpectedly five seconds after I open it.

  • Nothing
  • It won't download on my computer

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07 Feb 2016

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